Earn Upto 240% Rewards On Staking With Upcomings

Earn passive income and referral rewards on staking with smart contracts, enjoy instant withdrawals, bonus and community benefits

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Stake with Upcomings?

Our plans are User centric, high yielding and blockchain secured.


Built on Smart Contracts

Your funds are locked and secured with our blockchain built plans.


Automated & Instant payments

Enjoy easy payments and instant withdrawal features on all plans.


Yeild & Balancing Mechanism

Your funds are locked and secured with our blockchain built plans.

Upcoming Finance

The Next Big Crypto Project

Upcomings Finance, Crypto financing solution is a service from Upcomings DAO ecosystem. The Platform is focused on simplifying the crypto benefits to a large crypto community of authetic investors and crypto fans. The platform is charged with UPCG token and DApps that generate revenue and balance the token economy.

DApps by Upcomings


Decentralized Exchange

Multichain token Swap and liquidity pool


Markets & Analytics

Advanced price tracking & customised reports


Decentralized P2P

Convert crypto to fiat directly from wallet


Decentralized Chat

Connect wallet and chat with your friends



Discover hot and verified crypto projects


Web3 Games

Play to earn gaming & Metaverse


All the crypto power you need is with UPCG Token

Keep an eye on our native token UPCG, a DAO project token with 2 million supply and integrated with DApps. Big launch and top exchange listing.

Use Cases

Being a native currency the token is used in making other network payments and trade extensively


Get Free Access

Explore DApp linke Swap, Markets, Chats & more free on holding UPCG


Pay fees for P2P

Use the token to use our decentralized P2P with lowest fees


Join Launchpad Projects

Get access to join legit projects of giveaways, funding and rewards


Play Web3 Games

Pay UPCG as your gaming currency. Play games or buy game NFT's


Earning Opportunities

Generate passive earning Opportunities like staking and others.


Trade Big

UPCG token will be listed on Dex and other top exchange for volume

Upcomings Revenue Model Is Amazing

Upcomings believes that having a good revenue of Project is verify important to balance the prices and progress. Most of the revenue of our project will be generated by our DApps and crypto services. The Other way of revenue is the token reserve, NFT reserved and other security reserves backed for developments.


Generated by the DApps deployment and smart contract outsourcing


Token reserve, assets holdings and trade sessions

Five Dimensional Earning

Find ways to make most of your earnings faster and bigger
Staking ROI
Daily returns on staking packages
Referral Bonus
Instant Reward credit on in inviting friends
Staking Royalty Income
Earn daily rewards from your invitees ROI
Team Development Income
Instant Reward on matching on 1:1 invite network
Team Leader Income
Rewards on reaching tree network targets
Team Leader Income
Make daily trading benefits with price analysis